Dutilleux Orchestral Works Vol. II

Dutilleux Orchestral Works Vol. II

Aug, 2015
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Henri DUTILLEUX - Métaboles; L’arbre des songes; Symphony No. 2 “Le double”

Ludovic Morlot, Conductor
Augustin Hadelich, Violin
Seattle Symphony

2016 GRAMMY Award-winning recording (Best Classical Instrumental Solo)

“As for Morlot and the orchestra, they rise to the many challenges of the music, playing with real commitment, a wide dynamic range and expressive force in the lyrical passages. The scherzo from the first symphony is a wow moment, the strings careening on a knife-edge but perfectly together. ”

29 April 2016, Robert Battey, The Washington Post

Track list

Métaboles: I. Incantatoire03:18
Métaboles: II. Linéaire02:48
Métaboles: III. Obsessionel03:30
Métaboles: IV. Torpide02:47
Métaboles: V. Flamboyant04:54
L'arbre des songes: I. Librement - Interlude07:22
L'arbre des songes: II. Vif - Interlude 204:03
L'arbre des songes: III. Lent - Interlude 308:03
L'arbre des songes: IV. Large et animé05:49
Symphony No. 2 "Le double": I. Animato, ma misterioso08:24
Symphony No. 2 "Le double": II. Andantino sostenuto09:16
Symphony No. 2 "Le double": III. Allegro fuocoso - Calmato12:39