Berio, Boulez & Ravel

Berio, Boulez & Ravel

Jul, 2018
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Luciano BERIO - Sinfonia for Eight Voices and Orchestra
Pierre BOULEZ - Notations I–IV for Orchestra
Maurice RAVEL - La valse

Ludovic Morlot, Conductor
Roomful of Teeth
Seattle Symphony

“Luciano Berio’s 1968 orchestral masterpiece “Sinfonia” has never lost its power to amaze, but this formidable new recording by the Seattle Symphony also demonstrates the work’s perennial ability to charm.”

31 October 2018, Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

Track list

Sinfonia: I. —06:46
Sinfonia: II. O King05:22
Sinfonia: III. In ruhig fließender Bewegung11:20
Sinfonia: IV. —03:10
Sinfonia: V. —07:59
Notations I-IV, VII: I. Modéré. Fantasque03:09
Notations I-IV, VII: IV. Rythmique01:57
Notations I-IV, VII: III. Très modéré04:03
Notations I-IV, VII: II. Très vif. Strident02:08
La valse, M. 7212:21