Praise for the Seattle Symphony’s Spring Concerts

12th April, 2018

“Morlot controlled his huge performing forces with subdued fervour, here and in a follow-up reading of Sibelius’ Symphony No. 2, notable for its granitic pacing and attention to instrumental detail.” – Financial Times

“Mr. Morlot’s affection for [Become Desert]’s expressive richness came through clearly. Though the piece doesn’t advertise its complexity, it’s easy to imagine a performance of such airily arranged music seeming scattered or listless. The Seattle Symphony never sounded at a loss, though. The audience allowed the piece’s concluding return toward spareness to ring out fully before charging in with enthusiastic applause.” – The New York Times

“In the seldom-heard “Oceanides,” Morlot and his players colorfully evoked the legendary sea creatures of the title, with the wind soloists as the seabirds and the low strings providing the rolling waves.” – The Seattle Times