Review: BERIO Sinfonia BOULEZ Notations I-IV RAVEL La valse

30th November, 2018

“Morlot is, as always, a punctilious conductor. Listen, say, to the jittery precision with which the brass and piano volley starting at 1’05” in the fifth movement. And, in fact, in Morlot’s hands, the entire finale becomes a study in texture, the cumulative effect subtly shifting the work’s centre of gravity away from the third movement to provide a riveting and immensely satisfying conclusion.”


30 November 2018
Andrew Farach-Colton / Gramophone

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Seattle Symphony Wins Gramophone’s “Orchestra of the Year” Award

13th September, 2018

“‘Listen boldly’ enjoins the logo which the Seattle Symphony introduced in 2011 to mark the beginning of Music Director Ludovic Morlot’s tenure. In the years since, that challenge has been directed not just to their audience but to the organisation itself. Listening boldly means acknowledging the need to reimagine its own identity and taking steps to reposition the SSO within an increasingly compartmentalised cultural landscape. All of which the orchestra has done – and continues to do – with results that have made the music world at large take notice.”


13 September 2018
Thomas May / Gramophone

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Prom 44: Lili Boulanger steals the show in Morlot’s opalescent French tableau

16th August, 2018

“Ludovic Morlot, taking time out from his Seattle Symphony duties, produced a searching and, at times, touching performance of [Lili Boulanger’s] work. His fine hold over the architecture of the piece paid dividends, drawing out the finest touches from the delicate instrumentation while applying full force in the terrifying, heartfelt pleas.”


16 August 2018
Mark Thomas / bachtrack

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