Review: Seattle Symphony Celebrates Centenary with Bernstein Extravaganza

17th June, 2018

“Morlot rendered the vibrant score with both energy and tenderness, bringing out the sentimentality of the big band tunes, punching out the rhythmic syncopations, and plumbing the orchestra’s full potential for maximum sound. . . . It doesn’t get more American and Broadway than this, and the SSO demonstrated their ability to swing these very American scores to the rafters of Benaroya Hall.”


17 June 2018
Erica Miner / Broadway World

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Praise for the Seattle Symphony’s Spring Concerts

12th April, 2018

“Morlot controlled his huge performing forces with subdued fervour, here and in a follow-up reading of Sibelius’ Symphony No. 2, notable for its granitic pacing and attention to instrumental detail.” – Financial Times

“Mr. Morlot’s affection for [Become Desert]’s expressive richness came through clearly. Though the piece doesn’t advertise its complexity, it’s easy to imagine a performance of such airily arranged music seeming scattered or listless. The Seattle Symphony never sounded at a loss, though. The audience allowed the piece’s concluding return toward spareness to ring out fully before charging in with enthusiastic applause.”
 The New York Times

“In the seldom-heard “Oceanides,” Morlot and his players colorfully evoked the legendary sea creatures of the title, with the wind soloists as the seabirds and the low strings providing the rolling waves.” – The Seattle Times

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