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French conductor Ludovic Morlot is Music Director of the Seattle Symphony. Read on to learn about his upcoming performance schedule, explore a range of video and audio samples, and hear the latest news about his performances and recordings.

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The Curtis Symphony Orchestra Dives Into Mahler and More

2nd February, 2016

The Curtis Symphony Orchestra Dives Into Mahler and More

“Luciano Berio’s groundbreaking “Sinfonia,” which helped pave the way for the freewheeling compositional styles now in vogue, is too seldom heard. So Ludovic Morlot’s stirring rendition with the Curtis Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall on Monday evening was most welcome.”

“One of the lines of text barely heard on Monday referred to Mahler’s First Symphony, which “made tulips grow in my garden and altered the flow of the ocean currents,” so that symphony made an apt, equally ambitious partner to “Sinfonia” on the program…The young players gave it a strong and coherent workout, responding eagerly to Mr. Morlot’s direction.”

2 February 2016
James Oestreich / The New York Times

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The Seattle Symphony’s world premiere performance of sound-sculptor Trimpin’s site-specific installation and original composition, Above, Below, and In Between, is now available as a digital download. Commissioned by the Seattle Symphony, the work featured a motion-controlled robotic piano, electronically activated chimes and horns, live orchestra musicians and soprano voice, conducted by Morlot with the aid of the Microsoft Kinect.